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NOTE TO CURRENT EMPLOYEES: The transfer window for the 2019-20 school year is closed.
Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Special Education Paraprofessional (MOID)05/23/2019ClassifiedIndian Creek Middle SchoolApply
Special Education Teacher (SID/PID) - CLMS05/23/2019CertifiedClements Middle SchoolApply
Accounting Coordinator05/22/2019ClassifiedBusiness OfficeApply
Special Education Hospital Homebound Teacher05/22/2019CertifiedSpecial Education DepartmentApply
Special Education Teacher05/21/2019CertifiedMiddle Ridge Elementary SchoolApply
Instructional Paraprofessional05/21/2019ClassifiedRocky Plains Elementary SchoolApply
Principal05/20/2019School AdministrativeWest Newton Elementary SchoolApply
Principal05/20/2019School AdministrativeNewton County Theme SchoolApply
Science Teacher - CMS05/20/2019CertifiedCousins Middle SchoolApply
Science Teacher - CLMS05/20/2019CertifiedClements Middle SchoolApply
Physical Education Teacher - AHS05/20/2019CertifiedAlcovy High SchoolApply
Football Coach - LMS05/20/2019CoachingLiberty Middle SchoolApply
Substitute Custodian05/20/2019FacilitiesFacilities DepartmentApply
Instructional Paraprofessional05/20/2019ClassifiedSouth Salem Elementary SchoolApply
Special Education Paraprofessional05/20/2019ClassifiedSouth Salem Elementary SchoolApply
Language Arts Teacher - LMS05/16/2019CertifiedLiberty Middle SchoolApply
Football Coach - LMS05/16/2019CertifiedLiberty Middle SchoolApply
Science Teacher - EHS05/15/2019CertifiedEastside High SchoolApply
Head Boys Basketball Coach - EHS05/15/2019CoachingEastside High SchoolApply
Teaching as a Profession (CTAE) Teacher - NHS05/13/2019CertifiedNewton High SchoolApply
Social Studies Teacher - CLMS05/13/2019CertifiedClements Middle SchoolApply
Special Education Paraprofessional - CLMS05/07/2019ClassifiedClements Middle SchoolApply
Instructional Coach - AHS05/07/2019CertifiedAlcovy High SchoolApply
Teacher05/03/2019CertifiedAlcovy High SchoolApply
Language Arts Teacher - CMS05/03/2019CertifiedCousins Middle SchoolApply
CTAE Technology Teacher - CLMS04/30/2019CertifiedClements Middle SchoolApply
CTAE Engineering/Technology Teacher - ICMS04/25/2019CertifiedIndian Creek Middle SchoolApply
Special Education Teacher (Self-Contained SID/PID) - CMS04/25/2019CertifiedCousins Middle SchoolApply
Foreign Language Teacher - CMS04/25/2019CertifiedCousins Middle SchoolApply
Art Teacher - CMS04/25/2019CertifiedCousins Middle SchoolApply
Head Football Coach - CMS04/25/2019CertifiedCousins Middle SchoolApply
Science Teacher - AHS04/22/2019CertifiedAlcovy High SchoolApply
CTAE Business Education Teacher - AHS04/22/2019CertifiedAlcovy High SchoolApply
Special Education Teacher - AHS04/22/2019CertifiedAlcovy High SchoolApply
Chorus Teacher - AHS04/22/2019CertifiedAlcovy High SchoolApply
Art Teacher - AHS04/22/2019CertifiedAlcovy High SchoolApply
Math Teacher - CMS04/22/2019CertifiedCousins Middle SchoolApply
Social Studies Teacher - CMS04/22/2019CertifiedCousins Middle SchoolApply
Special Education Teacher (Adaptive) - AHS04/22/2019CertifiedAlcovy High SchoolApply
CTAE (Manufacturing and Engineering) Teacher - AHS04/16/2019CertifiedAlcovy High SchoolApply
Special Education Paraprofessional - NHS04/16/2019ClassifiedNewton High SchoolApply
Science Teacher - NHS04/16/2019CertifiedNewton High SchoolApply
School Psychologist04/10/2019CertifiedSpecial Education DepartmentApply
Foreign Language (Spanish) Teacher - VMMS03/29/2019CertifiedVeterans Memorial Middle SchoolApply
Bus Driver03/29/2019TransportationTransportation DepartmentApply
Special Education Teacher - AHS03/29/2019CertifiedAlcovy High SchoolApply
Science Teacher - AHS03/29/2019CertifiedAlcovy High SchoolApply
Math Teacher - AHS03/29/2019CertifiedAlcovy High SchoolApply
Language Arts Teacher - AHS03/29/2019CertifiedAlcovy High SchoolApply
Special Education (MOID) Teacher - NHS03/22/2019CertifiedNewton High SchoolApply